As a lash stylist designing the perfect eyelash set for my clients and upon completion of my work seeing their happy faces is what motivates me the most. I am putting all my effort in each new set of lashes, even when it comes to a refill appointment. I enjoy designing lashes for each client that enhances their natural beauty…



As a nail designer, my ultimate goal is to offer you a selection from a wide range of colors using the highest quality of materials, and use the perfect application technique so to bring the most out of your natural nails…


Best artist. Best support. I love DaLashNa <3


When it comes to nails, I've never had better, more professional results. My hands go through a lot (cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc), unprotected by gloves but my manicure never chips and it always looks great! Thank you, Dalma!


Tiszta szívből ajánlom Dalmát mindenkinek, aki igényes megjelenésre vàgyik, legyen szó szempillahosszabbításról vagy géllakkozásról. Milliónyi szín és forma közül lehet választani, szóval garantált a hosszú tépelődés a paletták felett! 😄