As a nail designer, my ultimate goal is to offer you a selection from a wide range of colors using the highest quality of materials, and use the perfect application technique so to bring the most out of your natural nails. Our New Soak off technique ensures that you have perfect cuticles and beautiful long-lasting, vividly colored, perfectly smooth, shiny nails that will not show growth for over a week.

What is it that you should know about gel nails to be able to call them good quality? I believe that my Clients’ expectations of quality nail care services is to have a durable and nice-looking finished product that makes their daily routine easier. This is achieved by having Nails that do not chip or break, a beautiful color that lasts and shines for weeks, clean healthy seamless cuticles, and an application that does no harm to the natural nail plate. Do you have these same expectations? Well if so, you have the same high-quality standards to which I adhere and strive to achieve. Quality work takes a hard-working professional devoting the time, effort and patience to do the best for her Client. This effort should always be complemented by using high quality products. Typically, it is very difficult to find this level of high quality standards at a normal price.