Finding the perfect materials for your work is like a finding your match made in heaven. There are numerous companies in the nail industry offering products which makes the nail designers’ choice very difficult. I am a member of several online groups following nail trends, new product arrivals and also sharing ideas about our profession.

At the beginning of the year I heard about an Italian brand that was going to open their first shop in Budapest. As soon as I saw the owner of the company presenting their products and after being shown around their shop I was convinced that this is something very special, very high quality and genuine.

At that time I was working on the photo shoot for my website so I instantly realized this is something I need to try and I bought 3 of my first colors to be displayed on my photo models. The models fell in love with the idea of wearing nails made with Jewerlyen at the moment I opened the colors.

If you decide to switch product brands, it is a good idea to learn how to apply the new materials, so I researched training opportunities with this company. The more I read about it, the more I liked the idea of working with these Italian products.

It came out they were looking for future trainers of their New Soak-Off technique, so I didn’t hesitate any longer to apply for it. I was very excited to go on the 6-day training session which ended with an exam. Being with people who have similar interests and ideas was very pleasant. We learned that we weren’t competing with each other, rather helping and motivating each other. We went deep in the chemistry of the products and the proper application of each type of material. Our talented trainers arrived straight from Italy and were ready to share all the knowledge of the procedure of perfect soak-off nails. It was something very new, very thorough and we all loved it. It was so enjoyable to do it and to see the result at the end, how the colors came so vivid and how the nail bed was emancipated, turning out to be something very close to “perfect”.

We all went through a huge improvement during the training session and have continued to improve since then as well. With all the practice and effort that I have made, I am now certified and able to share this knowledge with other nail designers who wish to learn and master this beautiful technique.

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