How can I make an appointment?

Please send me an e-mail to mentioning which service you are interested in and I send you a link and after filling in the client form we can find you an appointment. Please note that appointments are usually fully booked for the upcoming 2-3 weeks.

Do you have evening or weekend appointments?
For new clients I only have appointments during the day (latest appointment: 15:00)

How can I cancel my appointment?

Please send an email to about your cancellation. I understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are neccessary, therefore I respectfully request at least 24 hours notice for cancellations so that I can give your appointment to somebody who is in need for one. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount. Appointments cancelled without any notice may incur 100% cancellation payment of the reserved service amount. Any further appointments can only be made if these charges are being paid.

How long does it take to have my lashes done?
It depends on the amount of your natural lashes and technique you chose. 1-2D lashes usually take between 1,5-2 hours, 2D lashes are around 2-2,5 hours while 3-4D lashes can take up to 3,5 hours.

Can I get allergic reaction to eyelash extensions?
It is possible to be allergic to a certain ingredient of the glue, but it is very rare. In case of an allergic reaction I remove your lashes as soon as possible for free of charge, but there is no refund on the service of the eyelash extensions.

What is the payment method?
You can pay in cash on the spot or transfer the fee of the services to DaLashNa’s bank account on the day of your appointment. Ask for details:

Is parking available?
Yes, you can park on the street or in the neighboring streets for free.

Can I bring my pet/boyfriend/friend/child to my appointment.
I kindly ask you to not to. One of the key points of providing high quality service to you is the circumstances of working, I have to focus, concentrate and very often I work with sharp, pointed devices. Our safety is very important to me.


Which level should I choose?
If you are new in this profession you always start with Classic lashes and once you can mastered your skills, you can continue with the next level.

Do you accept certification from other lash artist?
Yes, I do.

Do I have to bring a model?
Yes, you do. On the Classic Eyelash Training  and Volume Eyelash Training you have to have a model on the second and the third day. On the Double Eyelash Training you have to have a model after the lunch break.

What do I have to bring with me to the trainings?
If you are already a lash artist you can bring your own tools and materials, but if you wish you can buy any of the tools and materials recommended by me on spot.

Do I get a starter kit at the Classic Lash Training?
Yes, you do. You can choose from Standard and Large Kit.

What is day +1?
The third day of the trainings are scheduled a few weeks after the first two days of the training so that you have time to practice yours skills. On the third day you can ask any further questions and we can also do a quick revision on certain topics. This day is to make sure what an infill is so try to bring a model who already has lashes done by you. You get your certification at the end of the day (upon successful completion of case study).

Do I get a certification?
Yes, you do upon successful completion of case study. Note that it doesn’t allow you to do lashes in Hungary since you must be a licensed Beautician or Beauty Consultant.