One of the most exciting moments in DaLashNa’s history was the photo-shoot which took place earlier this year. I really enjoyed every single minute from the preparation through to the actual photo shooting. When we were shown the professionally taken photos, portraying how effective the lash extensions, nail and make-up artistry enhanced the natural beauty of the models, well, at that moment it brought to me a tear of happiness and there were smiles all-around.

The intent of the photo shoot was to demonstrate how much improvement to one’s natural “look” can be achieved through proper eye lash, nail and make-up artistry. I am so fortunate to work with so many talented and beautiful people. All the models used in the photo shoot are actually close friends and legacy clients. The extremely creative and talented support crew working behind the scenes are also good friends. So, I really feel blessed to know such wonderful people.

It is very important to set your standards high … and speaking frankly, working with four models on my very first photo shoot was difficult. Everything had to be organized so to perform the work in the 2-hour timeframe allowed for leasing the venue. At one point you must realize that you simply can’t do everything and be everywhere to coordinate everyone at the same time, even if you wish that you could do so. Pre-planning and trust in your support team is a must!

Once you see your ideas come alive on the photos, the immensely gratifying feeling is hard to describe! I believe that exploring ideas and using them in a creative manner is the creed of all artists. My photo-shoot experience was exceptional, and I recommend any artist to give it a try!