Lash artists all around the world offer a wide range of techniques to choose from to have the desired effect for one occasion or for everyday.
Originally (in Hungary) eyelash extensions used to be called 3D lash extensions. D is for the dimension. It is equal to today’s Classic eyelash extensions where one false lash is applied on each natural eyelash. You can also find the following names of this technique: 1D, 1:1 extensions. With this Classic technique of lash extension we can create a natural look, making your lashes look slightly longer and more curved, somewhat how mascara would do. This does not give real volume effect to your lashes since the number of applied lashes is equal to the natural lashes you already have.

Later, a volume technique was introduced and became very popular as the industry started to develop very fast as well.

Any technique where the ratio of the natural lashes and the applied false lashes is larger than one is called volume. We can talk about 2D, 3D Light Volume up to Mega volume to 10-12D and any of these combinations like 2-3D or 3-4-5D as well. The Volume technique offers a full and exclusive looking set of lashes for clients. These days Light Volume sets can be worn for years without damaging the natural lashes while Mega Volume can be worn as a perfect accessory for an occasion like a wedding, photo shooting or during the ball season.

The key of a healthy and natural looking set of extensions (choosing any of the techniques) is the right ratio and weight of the false lashes. A professional lash stylist knows exactly what each client’s lashes can endure and is able to avoid damage to the natural lashes.
Whichever “D” you are choosing, when it comes to your lash appointment, make sure that the stylist is certified and don’t hesitate to ask questions if something is not clear to you.